Magnetic Hill Leh Ladakh: A Complete Guide (2023)
Magnetic Hill - Leh
Magnetic Hill - Leh

Magnetic Hill Leh Ladakh: A Complete Guide (2023)

Once James and Games went up the hill to eat apples but James fell down and Games came whirling after down the hill. Well! it is obvious that both James and Games will roll downwards.

But. what if I tell you that there is a hill in India (Magnetic Hill Leh Ladakh) that instead of going downwards, Things actually go uphill.


Well, let me introduce you to MAGNETIC HILL

About Magnetic Hill Leh Ladakh

Magnetic Hill. Picture by amigosholidays on Instagram

Magnetic Hill is in Ladakh and is located on the Leh-Kargil Highway at a distance of 30 km from Leh city wherein gravity takes a backseat.

This road attracts stationary vehicles upwards and when the engine is off, a car can actually roll up at a speed of 20km/hr on this hill. This remarkable paradox has been given many names like ‘Mystery Hill’ and ‘Gravity Hill’

This Hill is situated at a height of 14,000 feet above sea level and the Sindhu river runs on the eastern side of this hill.


The Villagers who live in Ladakh believe that ‘the magnetic road is a straightaway to heaven’ they believe that there was a road that existed that led the people to heaven. Those who deserved to go heaven were pulled to the path directly while those who didn’t deserve could never make it there.

Scientific Reason:

If we go through the science point of view. 

2 theories would be taken into consideration:

  1. The Magnetic Force Theory
  2.  The Optical Illusion Theory

What is the Magnetic Force Theory?

This is a sensible theory, It states that there is a strong magnetic force deriving from the hill that pulls the vehicles within its range. 

What is The Optical Illusion Theory

Another widely accepted theory says that the hill is no magnetic force source; rather, it’s just an optical illusion, which means it is just tricking our brains. The Road actually goes in the downward direction but it seems that it goes in the upward direction

When to visit?

Best Time to visit Magnetic Hill is May, June, July and August.

How to reach the Magnetic HIll?

Take your vehicle and hit Leh-Kargil Highway and after crossing 30km or maybe 40 minutes drive, you will be reaching the yellow board marking ‘Magnetic Hill’.

You can easily get a Taxi from Leh to this Hill

By the way, visiting this Hills would NOT require any extra permit or pass.

Should I include Magnetic Hill in my Leh Ladakh Itinerary?

The answer is a big “YES”. Magnetic Hill is a must when in Leh

Go and experience the mystery hill and discover whether it follows a magnetic force theory or an Optical Illusion theory.

Choice is yours, Nobody is going to Judge you or give you marks.

Important Tip when you visit Magnetic Hill:

Stock enough snacks in your vehicle before you go to Magnetic Hill because this Magnetic Hill is at a distance of 30km from Leh city so you can’t be expecting eating joints or maybe a restaurant in this vicinity

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