The Ultimate Guide: 13 Tips for a Safe and Epic Leh Ladakh Road Trip in 2024
Leh Ladakh Road Trip
Most Important thing to travel with ease

The Ultimate Guide: 13 Tips for a Safe and Epic Leh Ladakh Road Trip in 2024

Going to a Leh Ladakh road trip is everyone’s dream come true because it literally brings you to heaven on earth. This Godly place is no less than a miracle due to the stunning surreal landscape and the extremities that it provides to the travellers, such as the climate, which can change in no time.

Before heading out on a Leh Ladakh Road Trip, for that matter, any part of the world, you first check the climate there, which enables you to pack your clothing and essentials accordingly.

The second thing that you check up on is the accommodation facilities so that you do not face any hindrances and the third being the things to do whilst you stay.

Leh Ladakh is the land of extremes, makes it no ordinary place to visit, which is why a few tips are to be considered before venturing on a road trip to Leh Ladakh.

Best time for Leh Ladakh road trip in 2022 is From May – August. Connect with adventourist travel experts for more information on Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Here are 13 essential tips for Leh Ladakh Road Trip

#1 Prepare for Acute Mountain Sickness

Hikers, Adventurers who travel to high altitudes can sometimes develop AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness. Fatigue, back pain and feeling sleepy among the rest are common signs of AMS. AMS can happen to anyone and has nothing to do with your fitness. Even the strongest person in the lot can kneel down in front of AMS. Now there is nothing to be worried about, you can avoid AMS by keeping in mind some important aspects.

Drink a lot of water, Oxygen deficiency can be replenished with drinking a lot of water. Chirag’s Doctor recommended a Tablet called Diamox, Doc asked to take one tablet, starting before 2 days of reaching altitude also this tablet is not for someone who is allergic to sulphur (Please note this article does not constitute of medical advice, please consult your doctor before taking any sorts of medicines, the writer of this article is not a doctor). Taking enough rest before your Leh road trip is recommended.

#2 Vehicle breakdowns are common in Leh Road Trips

Rough terrain and almost no concrete roads can cause vehicle breakdowns quite often. Help could be far away between two villages, For instance, a stretch of Leh Manali highway has a 300 KM of no man’s land.

It’s best to be prepared with spare parts, Some food and water, instruction manual if you travelling in your own vehicle. Ask for help immediately, do not shy away from stopping a vehicle.

Spare Parts you should carry Tyre tubes, puncture Kits, clutch cables, fuse, extra headlight lamp. Leh Ladakh road trips come with its own

#3 You will lose connectivity on Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Most parts of Leh Ladakh are situated in remote regions and is situated at a higher altitude means your phone might lose connectivity for most of the time. Connecting with your friends and family back home might just become impossible throughout most of your trip, which means you must warn about this condition to your family and friends in advance.

Also, if you are stuck somewhere in a remote region, with no help around, you must consider that help will not be just a phone call away. So be prepared to survive on your own for a few days and carry your essentials accordingly.

Since prepaid networks serve no help almost, it is best to buy a BSNL phone connection, which has access to networks in Jammu and Kashmir. But the best is to inform your loved ones back home before embarking upon your trip. Make sure you keep your friends and family updated at every moment when you find a network on your phone.

#4 The fury of nature in Leh

You must not be aware that snowstorms, landslides and shooting stones are a part of Ladakh’s everyday life. Being the land of extremes, you must be prepared to see sudden changes in nature during any time of the day or night. These events in the Himalayas are very frequent and you must be ready for your plan or trip being cancelled due to the forces of nature.

#5 Be cautious when driving or riding in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is also referred to as the white desert due to snow being present in most of the regions. At times heavy snowfall or extreme climate in the area also leads to a roadblock, meaning drivers and riders might not have access to the roads all the time.

Also, the roads tend to be slippery, which makes drivers and riders cautious when on your Leh Ladakh road trip . You also need to be sure to not drive or ride at high speeds, which will only make the fellow passengers fall sick quickly.

If you happen to ride through the Himalayas, make sure your bike is well equipped and you ride with ease because slipping on these roads is common and health care facilities are not available at every nook and corner. So you do not want any small injury to grow into a big one during your holiday.

#6 Limited access to medical facilities in Leh Ladakh

When travelling to Ladakh, you must know that medical help can even be a day away. Instant medical help in case of an emergency is rare. Carry your basic first aid kit with you. Medicines for common illness like diarrhoea, headache, nausea, dizziness, stomach-ache or flu must be packed in your bag when travelling.

#7 Pack your essentials for Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Apart from the warm clothes, you must also pack things like a sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays, sunglasses, lotions or oil because the chilly and dry climate can cause or skin to turn dry and crack, lip balm, gloves, socks, winter jackets, mufflers, torch and even swiss knife.

#8 Know your homestays and hotels well

If you are travelling on a budget and wish to accommodate yourself in homestays, make sure you book them and check the facilities they provide well in advance.

For example, the Gangba Homestay falls on the way to Stok Kangri that will procure you the basic facilities. Reeyork Homestay is located in Chubi, Central Leh if you want a comfortable stay during your excursion to Ladakh.

Ladakh Homestay comes with basic amenities such as TV, Good home-cooked food and maybe hot water, while it overlooks the famous Shanti Stupa and Spituk Monastery.

#9 Download offline maps

Leh Ladakh road trip is fun until you get lost 🙂 Internet connectivity is not reliable in this region, it is advisable to download the area map offline on your Google maps account. There are very limited chances of you getting lost however if you get lost you won’t find Pan shops to ask for directions :). It’s better to download offline maps on your device and also have you a copy of your itinerary on your mobile phones

#10 Carry food and water

Erratic weather can lead you to unforeseen circumstances, especially when you are on a bike trip. Finding food is the last thing you want to worry about.

We know of a case where our real traveller Chirag Joshi was on his way back from Nubra Valley and while he coming down the pass, Chirag saw a Young boy sitting on the ground next to his bike. He thought that the young boy’s bike had probably broken down and stopped out of concern.

While Chirag got down of his bike the young boy started to shout “ can I have some water please…”. “We were scared”,  Chirag said. The young boy was dehydrated and wasn’t carrying any food and water.

He was suffering from AMS, and he didn’t know about this. Not only did he drank all the water from Chirag’s Hydration pack but also Chirag had to run to a nearby glacier stream to fill in some more water for him. We are sure you do not want to run into this situation.

It’s always best to carry the following items in a small bag

  • Energy bars
  • Electoral Power
  • Water
  • Chocolates and Dry Fruits

#11 Leave early morning for your destination

The average speed of travelling in leh is far less compared to a normal city like Mumbai or Delhi (minus the traffic), Thanks to its passes and weather conditions. Also going slow ensures safety. It is strongly recommended by our Real Travellers that you leave for your destination as early as possible. There are multiple benefits to doing this.

  • Avoid risk by not travelling after sundown
  • Ladakh is a beautiful place, take ample time to click photos, on your way.
  • Spare time to rest and sightseeing at your destination
  • Reach at great photo sites, before the mass does

#12 Have enough rest days

“I am fit bro, I go to the gym daily” is often what friends say when they talk about AMS. FYI AMS has nothing to do with your fitness… It can hit you irrespective if your bicep size is 32”. Its advisable to take enough rest before arriving at leh and also 1 full day of rest when you reach leh. A lot of people ignore this and eventually land up in the municipal hospital of leh. Don’t be Stupid take enough rest and ensure your trip is memorable.

We are are that, local travel agencies ignore this and in order to increase passenger turn around, they send people for short trips without resting days. We would advice STAY AWAY from these local tour operators.

#13 Start your Leh Ladakh road trip from Srinagar instead of Manali

Since Manali is a bigger touristy city, all mass tour operators try and sell trips starting from Manali. However, our Travel experts and honest local guides recommend that you start your road trip from Srinagar.

Starting from Srinagar gives you more time to acclimatise. The road from Manali to Leh is elevated faster compared to Srinagar. It’s completely safe to travel from Srinagar, the locals are very helpful.

So Folks, Take care of these important things. Travel responsibly.

Here is a Secret Tip: If you are in case taking a direct flight to leh, make sure to book an early morning flight so that you can witness a heavenly sunrise, amidst the mountain passes. With a morning like this, you can be sure of having a majestic time in Ladakh.

Best Leh Ladakh Road Trip Itinerary 

Leh Ladakh Itinerary
Day 1 – Arrive at Leh
Day 2 – Leh Local Sigh Seeing
Day 3 – Leh to Nubra
Day 4 – Visit Turtuk
Day 5 – Nubra to Pangong Tso
Day 6 – Pangong Tso – Leh
Day 7 – Depart with Memories

For bookings and more information connect to Leh Travel Experts at Adventourist on +91-9930400694

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