Himachal Pradesh’s Hidden Jewel: Serolsar Lake and Budhi Nagin
Serolsar lake
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Himachal Pradesh’s Hidden Jewel: Serolsar Lake and Budhi Nagin

Mostly everyone has been to Himachal once in their life to experience the mountain life, to feel the thrill, adventure, and to see the lifestyle of people living in Himachal. Travellers ticking things off the bucket list and Himachal is the place to tick off most of your things and tasks… Lets learn about

Serolsar lake and a Budhi Nagin

Serolsar lake also known as Saryolsar Lake) at an altitude of 10,496 feet in the outer Seraj valley of Kullu district of  Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by Alpine forests it is also accessible via Jalori pass.

There is a one really interesting story about the lake- Once a Brahmin from a nearby village came to visit Serolsar lake while he was taking a stroll around the lake he drowned himself. It is believed that Serolsar Lake is the residence of the Budhi Naagin the mother of all Nag (Snake) Deities of Himachal like SheshNag, KamruNag, GhundaNag, MahuNag to name a few and she lives in her golden palace at the bottom of the lake.

The goddess saved his life She even allowed the Brahmin to stay in her golden palace for three years taking the promise that he will not tell anything about the stay and the goddess to anyone. The Brahmin’s family, who assumed him to be dead, was ecstatic on seeing him after 3 years when the brahmin got back to his family they were curious to know where he had been for such a long time.

Everyone kept asking him about his whereabouts but he kept dodging that question. But one day he had to tell everyone what happened and as soon as he did that, he died. His family & friends were shocked. They wanted to go and figure out about the mystery of the lake, and whoever from his family tried visiting the lake met with mysterious accidents. No geological study has still been able to accurately calculate the depth of the lake. Maybe because the Budhi Nagin wants to stay peacefully in her Golden Palace.

And if you want to offer your prayers to the Budhi Nagin, do so at the temple located next to the lake, and do not venture into the lake – she doesn’t like people taking a dip in it, or standing on it when it’s frozen

Stories about Budhi Nagin can be found in books like Naga Cults and Traditions in the Western Himalaya by Om Chanda Handa, Encyclopedia of Oriental Philosophy and Religion: v. 1-5: Hinduism and Judaism by N.K. Singh and A. Mishra and Indian Serpent-lore: Or, The Nagas in Hindu Legend and Art by J. Ph. Vogel.

The Seryolsar temple is dedicated to Budhi Nagin the mother of 60 Nag deities such as Shesh-Nag, Kamru-Nag, Mahu-Nag, Ghunda Nag and other Nag Lords of the state.

How to Reach Serolsar lake?

By Air: Chandigarh is the nearest airport located at a distance of 280 km, one can hire a cab to reach Jalori pass.

By Train: The nearest railway station is at Jogindernagar, 95 km from Kullu
To reach Serolsar lake from Jalori pass, there are 2 treks. One is to take Banjar road and get into the forest and then reach Serolsar lake. Others start from the temple, which is located near the Jalori Pass market.

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