9 Great Things To Do In Jaisalmer including Parasailing, Paramotoring & More-2024

9 Great Things To Do In Jaisalmer including Parasailing, Paramotoring & More-2024

Named after Maharaja Jaisal Singh, Jaisalmer is the most popular tourist destination which is filled with loads of fun and adventure. Lying in the region of the Thar Desert, it is not just the palaces and forts but various other fun things to do here that await your arrival. If you have ever seen pictures of this wonderful destination, it looks like the fairy tale of the Arabian Nights.

A former trading centre during medieval times, the yellow sandstones, out of which the majority of the structures are built, make this city appear golden. Thus, Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden City. The best time to visit is between September to mid-March, which will allow you to escape the blistering heat of the sun. 

So let’s take a look at all the fun things to do in Jaisalmer

#1 Jaisalmer Fort

The grandest thing ever Of course, the first thing to visit here is the Jaisalmer Fort! You can never get past the fact that this state is home to countless forts and palaces. Built in 1156 by Rajput ruler Jaisal, this fort is massive and perfectly camouflages with its backdrop since it is situated on a hill.

Being the focal point of the city, a walk up to the fort will give you a majestic glimpse of the city beneath. This is also one of the living forts in the world, meaning, the locals reside within the fort complex in their tiny houses.

Apart from the local homes, this fort also comprises various hotels, guesthouses, temples, restaurants, handicraft stores and the former Maharaj’s palatial palace. Between 9 am to 5 pm, you can visit this fort for a cost of Rs.30 per person while an international tourist has to pay Rs.70.

Jaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer Fort

#2 Go Haveli hopping

The fairytale-like architecture in Jaisalmer leaves every tourist bewildered. The Havelis too are intricately crafted and can be found in every lane of the city. The most famous one is the 19
th century Patwa Haveli, which happens to be the biggest of all since it is a combination of 5 Havelis within its complex.

Though, each of the Havelis is distinct in its own way. Constructed by a wealthy Jain trader and his sons, the stonework and artwork are worth appreciating. Salim Singh Haveli and Nathmal Haveli are also worth a visit.

A tour of this haveli will cost Indian tourists Rs.20 per person while foreigners are bound to pay Rs.100 per person. The best time to visit is between 9 am to 5 pm so that you can appreciate the intricately carved designs on the walls.

Shopping Street Jaisalmer
Haveli Shopping

#3 Desert Safari- Camping in the dunes

When in the city of the desert, how can you not go camping in the desert? Just imagine how you would feel in the chilly desert during the evening, dancing to the traditional tunes, light a bonfire at night while sleeping in a camp under the shining night sky. If you are already fancying this then plan a desert safari.

Enjoy the Rajasthani folk songs as you dance on them and fill your tummy while munching on the best local cuisine. Apart from setting up a camp in the dunes, you can take a camel safari at Rs.300 between the cool hours of 4 am to 6 am and 5 pm to 7 pm, when the sun is not at its peak.

Foreign tourists are supposed to pay Rs.600 for the same. The best time to visit Jaisalmer is between the months of November to March when the climate is pleasant, unlike the blistering heat that spans through this desert state. After a camel safari, you can also plan a jeep safari that will cost Rs.1200 per person.

Sand Dunes Dessert Camps
Dessert Safari and Camping

#4 Parasailing in Kanoi

 If you can’t get enough of the desert life then go parasailing in Kanoi where you will fly high above the desert, enjoying the bird’s eye view of the desert conditions. If you are a brave heart then enjoy this activity with a professional at just Rs.760 per head.

Kanoi Parasailing - Things to do in Jaisalmer
Kanoi Parasailing

#5 Paramotoring

If you are daring and want to make your trip an adventurous one, go paramotoring in the Sam Sand Dunes. You can enjoy the view of the desert from the sky through motor-powered parasailing.
You need not worry as the driver is a professional who is trained at his best and will guide your way through the skies. So be at an ease, enjoying the view while you click some amazing selfies to post on your social media handle. This activity can be undertaken between 8 am to 2 pm for Rs.2,199 per head.


 #6 Quad Biking

This is another adventure that you can take up since you must now be on a roll. Quad Biking is a thrilling activity in the Sam Sand Dunes which will allow you to explore the rugged topography of the desert for Rs.800 to Rs.1700 per head. The dusty whirlpool created by the ATV’s motion adds to the thrill factor.

Quad Biking

#7 Dune Bashing

 If you have now got a perfect taste of the adventure then try dune bashing as well. The Thar Desert makes it a perfect playground for dune bashing where you will be exploring the desert in an SUV.

You can be all relaxed as this is done under strict professional supervision as dune bashing and off-roading may include sharp overturn and competent manoeuvring skills. If you have back problems then strictly avoid this activity.

Dunes Bashing

#8 Tanot Mata Temple

 It is just a regular temple but the most fascinating part about is that it is located right next to the Indo-Pak border. This feature of the temple is the reason why the Border Security Force Of India maintains it. Another intriguing fact about this temple is that the Pakistani Army once targeted this temple by dropping over 3000 bombs but not even one exploded. Such is the power of the divine residing in the temple.

This temple also features in the movie ‘Border’, which makes it worth a visit. The Indian Army has made a museum inside the temple premises where the live bombs that didn’t explode are still on display.

So after having sought the blessings of the Goddess, you can visit the most popular attraction, that is, the India Pakistan Border where you can see our neighbouring country. However, travellers can extend their desert safari and visit the Indo-Pak border area with prior permission and permit passes from the Indian Military.

Tanot mata
Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer

#9 Breakfast in the wilderness

 For this particular activity, you might want to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. The Khaba Fort is famous where you can have breakfast with the peacock’s insight. A huge flock of peacocks gather around only to be fed by a local, which will give you a perfect view with your tasty breakfast on the table. Between 9 am to 6 pm, you can visit this fort for a cost of Rs.50 per head while taking your camera inside will cost you another 50 bucks. Located about 6 km from the golden city, you need to take a bus to Ramgarh and then ply ahead in another vehicle towards Bada Bagh.

In a large unkempt garden, you will find a group of similar-looking cenotaphs that have been crafted to honour the city’s royal rulers. The last cenotaph to be built is dedicated to Maharaja Jawahar Singh, who ruled after India’s Independence. It remains incomplete due to his death a year after Independence, which was viewed as a bad omen by the family.

The plaques on the cenotaph are worth seeing closely as they portray both the Maharaj and the Maharani together, which goes on to indicate that the Maharani committed sati. A striking feature of this place is that as opposed to the ancient cenotaphs, you will find modern-day wind turbines that generate electricity.

Open between 9 am to 6 pm, Indian tourists have to shell out Rs.20-50 per head while foreigners are charged at Rs.50-100 per head. Taking your camera along will cost you Rs.20-100 while a camcorder will cost Rs.50-150.

Khabar Fort Breakfast
 Khaba Fort

Whenever you visit Jaisalmer, these are a must things to do in Jaisalmer In case you need help planning a trip to Rajasthan get in touch with us at support@adventourist.in and we will be happy to help you with this. Hope you liked our article about things to do in Jaisalmer Do let us know via comments

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